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These two ebony girls have become good friends at the Girls Boarding School.

Unfortunately, they’ve also become very good troublemakers. And the school will simply not stand for this!

They are taken into the teacher’s office where they are told to strip down. The skirts and the panties have to come off!

The girls feel very exposed now, but the spanking punishment has only just begun!

They are taken over the teacher’s knee where they are given an immense otk spanking with the bare hand.

Those big cheeks of theirs are a real joy to spank. They try to stop the teacher, but it is not working. He’s in control and all these girls can do is endure their spanking punishment.

Afterwards, the teacher gives them a cane spanking, just to make sure they’ve learned their lesson.

I don’t know about you, but I like to see some black beauty get spanked otk every once in a while. That girl looks like trouble and I’m thinking she totally deserves it!

I’m pretty sure that every spanko on the planet would not want to miss out on this totally hot┬áspanking porno, so make sure to click the link and go get the full movie. It’s awesome!

Do you see how she’s trying to hold back her teacher’s hands from her buttocks? I hope he hurts her good, because she deserves it! I’m betting she’s secretly enjoying it. I’d probably stick my fingers right up her bum if she tried to hold me back.

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This is cane master Jack. He enjoys spanking naughty teen’s bottoms and he especially likes to do it with a cane.

Today, these two girls are lucky enough that they get to present their bare buttocks to him for a nice otk spanking followed by an even nicer cane spanking.

He grabs these girls, throws him over his lap and spanks their buttocks silly!

While he’s spanking one, he lets the other one watch the whole ordeal.

Once their bums are red and warmed up, he makes them bend over and proceeds with the caning of the butts!

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This mature woman wasn’t going to put up with these teens’ naughty behavior anymore.

She hadn’t spanked a good bum in about a month so she figured she deserved to deal out two bottom spankings today!

And it makes for one heck of a spanking video! :D

She sits down and takes one of the teens close to her. She undresses her and takes her over her lap. She immediately starts spanking that full round bottom and turns it completely red.

This is the hardest otk spanking this girl has received in at least a few weeks!

She is punished while her girlfriend is standing there, waiting to be next!

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These naughty nurses are drinking on the job. What can we do about that?

Right, we can put them through a humiliating spanking in order to set them straight!

Look at these two sassy little bitches. Drinking on the job as if they have no responsibility to uphold whatsoever.

It pisses me off to see these two go about their business as if they own the place.

It’s a good thing the doctor is there to make them bend over and give them a harsh cane spanking across their naughty little buttocks.

This spanking blog has seen a lot of naughty girls, but never like this!

I’m glad these two were put in their place. They deserve to be standing there with their punished bottoms, all ashamed of themselves!

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No piercings allowed at the Girls Boarding School. This girl got one anyway. And it has earned her a severe paddle spanking across the naughty little buttocks.

See how she’s screaming when the paddle layeth the smack down upon her ass?

That’s real pain right there man. This girl is spanked to tears and it’s for real.

I like how she has to lie down on her belly and stay stiff as a board. Almost as stiff as the paddle that is giving her bottom such a harsh spanking punishment.

She’s a naughty girl. And like all little girls that are naughty, she needed to get a spanking.

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What’s better than a good teen spanking?

Two teen spankings?

No… how about three ?

That’s right… we got three lovely round full luscious teen booties here all ready to be spanked.

These lesbian sluts are revealing their bare buttocks to each other. While they do, they make sure to spread their legs a little so they can see each other’s pussies too.

Jodie is a real spanking sex loving slut. Look at how she’s completely obsessed with her girlfriend’s muff while she’s fingering herself.

Good spanking video this one.

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Three lovely girls. Three naughty bottoms.

What can you do with a teenage bare bottom?

Well, you can give it a teen spanking, ofcourse!

This older man has understood that pretty well. Watch him position these girls on the bed with their buttocks up in the air.

He’s got a paddle for those luscious teen bums. And he’s going to give them hard spankings!

This spanking video shows enough buttocks and pussies that you can watch it ten times over and still discover new things every time!

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Elizabeth Simpson is at it again. This time she’s pissed off this elderly man, who has decided he’s not going to take her crap.

She pouts her lips because she knows she’s been bad. She bends over and sticks her lovely buttocks backwards. Then, the strap spanking begins!

Soft spanks at first, but later in the spanking video, it gets harder and harder.

You can see Elizabeth’s fleshy buttocks ripple with every spank she receives.

Look at her standing there… all humiliated and powerless. Poor Elizabeth Simpson.

Poor Elizabeth my hiney! She’s been a naughty girl and she deserves every single bit of her spanking punishment!

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Meet teen Paula. She’s seen a lot of spanking videos in her life and she reads spanking blogs on the Internet the whole day!

She loves spanking so much, she’s applying to become a spanking model. And this is her audition.

She asked for it… now she’s going to get it.

She is made to undress, revealing her naked teen body right away. She feels exhibitionistic and a little bit humiliated as well.

She’s going to go through with the whole thing, because it’s turning her on! She is given an otk spanking and her bottom is smacked completely red.

She archs her back and sticks her bottom backwards for a belt spanking. Her perky teens breasts are out there, wiggling and jiggling with every spank to the buttocks.

At the end, she grabs her own cheeks and spreads them apart, giving the auditer a nice view of her swollen pussy lips and her cute little teen butt pucker.

I think she’s trying to put a finger in there… naughty girl!

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These three girls have developed quite a spanking fetish throughout the years.

One of them just so happens to be very dominant. In this spanking video, she takes control over her two dorm room girlfriends.

She ties them up, has them sitting down on all fours, spanks their bare buttocks, locks them up in a cage and gives them a strap spanking.

How lovely to see this teen girl turn into a Mistress with those sexy breasts of hers hanging out of her lingerie.

I wish I could see teen spanking like this every single day of the week!

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